7 Day Study & Practice Retreat - Four Applications of Mindfulness - The Big Picture (Bodhi College)

Friday, Jun 21 to Friday, Jun 28 (7 nights)


514 Euro
Please note this does not include dana.
+41 (0)33 841 21 31

The retreat forms part of Bodhi College's Committed Practitioners’ Programme and comprises several hours of daily teaching input. Prior experience of three silent week-long retreats and a familiarity with the core Buddhist teachings is required. In addition people who are not part of the Bodhi College Committed Practitioners’ Programme are also welcome to participate in this retreat.

The construction of experience: The retreat follows the guiding map of the four Satipatthana, pivotal teachings described as the path to liberation. Teachers offer their experience and induct practitioners in gentle and precise ways to foster calm and unification, different modes of awareness necessary for insight and to deepen empathetic friendliness (metta).


NOTE: The retreats listed here have been entered by the retreat organizers. For any questions, use the contact information listed on the retreat page. Please do not contact the Buddhist Insight Network.