Dancing Towards Open Awareness

Sunday, Aug 19 to Friday, Aug 24 (5 nights)


First- the discipline to stop and collect ourselves – the principles of concentration.

Second- the ability and repetition of seeing into the simple functions of the heart and mind. Seeing how we live with, create, and let go of tension and anxieties. The fundamentals of insight.

Third – once the heart mind settles, one begins to see that peace and ease, the simple nature of unobstructed awareness, begins to dominate our field. Being free to let everything come and go, including the complexities of our lives.

Working with the practice of nothing special- simply sitting and walking –integrating these three fundamentals – some will simply work on concentration. Others will put more attention on the study of emotions and the play of the mind. And last but not least that sense of freedom that comes from relaxing into open awareness. The dancing with these principles.


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