Empowering Activism Ecodharma Retreat

Sunday, Jul 29 to Sunday, Aug 5 (7 nights)

Organized by:

From $600, but up to full scholarships for activists in need are available.
Please note this does not include dana.

None. While some of the people attending may have extensive meditation experience, beginners are totally welcome and complete instruction and support are provided.

Ecodharma Retreat/Workshop: Empowering Activism. This retreat is a combination retreat  and workshop, exploring the ways spiritual practice can nourish an ecological and social consciousness based on wisdom and compassion rather than anxiety and anger. Mornings are silent, and include mindfulness meditation in nature (instruction is provided and beginners are welcome), both sitting and walking. The afternoons and evenings will be a combination of presentations, discussions, sharing, and exercises, often in small groups, with additional time for reflection and integration as necessary. The focus will be on awakening authentic direct experience and responsiveness to the state of the planet, and using that to empower and support an awakened activism that you can take back into your life.

These are very challenging times. National environmental policy is upside down, and the problems worsen. Many people are experiencing anger, fear, frustration and weariness, sometimes with a loss of purpose, apathy or even despair. The truth of Dukkha (stress, suffering) is hard to miss. And we have our path. By connecting with each other and the natural world, we can see more deeply, support ourselves more sustainably and tap into new sources of energy and inspiration.

This retreat/workshop is not a forum for policy discussion, strategic problem solving, or organization building. It is a deep exploration of what is meaningful and nourishing in your life, and how to strengthen your connection, inwardly and outwardly, with spirit and nature. This will help you become more engaged and motivated, better prepared to face challenges with compassion and wisdom, and inspired to find creative, non-dualistic strategies for working with issues and people as they are.

Thanks to a grant from World Wildlife Fund, full scholarships are available for activists that need them.

Our overall intention is to support deep practice and connection in nature, and how to bring that connection into making change in the world skillfully. In both sessions spiritual practice will be supported by instruction in mindfulness meditation, with a focus on mindfulness in nature. There will be nightly campfire Dharma talks, exploring how being-in-nature can be part of our spiritual path when grounded in a direct experience of non-separation from the natural world. The emphasis is not on technique so much as developing direct experiential awareness of being/nature, allowing for a new integration of the internal (spiritual) and external (activity). This requires honest self-awareness, and a willingness to reconsider established ways of thinking, doing and being. Other than this there are no prerequisites to either session, and beginners are welcome and will be fully supported.

July 29-Aug 5, Empowering Activism: Ecodharma Retreat/Workshop, Includes:

·      Guidance and instruction for meditation in nature (both sitting and walking)

·      Silent mornings for sitting and walking meditation

·      Afternoon and evening workshops sessions, including small group breakouts and experiential exercises, to support and deepen activism as a spiritual path

·      Evening talks and question/answer around the campfire

·      One on ones with the teachers

·      Delicious vegetarian meals

·      Your choice of lodging: single room, shared room, dorm, tent site


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