Inner and Outer Nature Retreat

Saturday, Jul 21 to Sunday, Jul 29 (8 nights)

Organized by:

From $600; scholarships are available.
Please note this does not include dana.

While many attendees will be experienced meditators, instruction and support are provided and beginners are welcome.

Silent Meditation Retreat: Inner and Outer Nature. This retreat is about deep practice, immersing in the natural world, connecting our inner nature with outer nature, dissolving separation. Each day includes plentiful time for sitting, hiking/walking meditation, as well as instruction in nature meditation, Dharma talks, and individual and group practice discussions. Weather permitting we will be outdoors as much as we can.

This retreat also includes time for solo practice at the retreat center or in the adjacent Indian Peaks Wilderness. It is a time to relax, heal, connect, and explore: opening deeply to the power and beauty of the environment, with the freedom of solitude. With time and openness, the elements, animals and plants become our Teacher, the land our home, and silence our close companion. There is ample instruction, preparation, support, and flexibility for the solo, so each participant can get the most out of theirs. Everyone chooses their two-night solo site from a variety of locations, from a short walk away to deep in the wilderness. Most past participants have found solo practice a highlight of their retreat experience, sometimes even of their life.

Our overall intention is to support deep practice and connection in nature, and how to bring that connection into making change in the world skillfully. Spiritual practice will be supported by instruction in mindfulness meditation, with a focus on mindfulness in nature. There will be nightly campfire Dharma talks, exploring how being-in-nature can be part of our spiritual path when grounded in a direct experience of non-separation from the natural world. The emphasis is not on technique so much as developing direct experiential awareness of being/nature, allowing for a new integration of the internal (spiritual) and external (activity). This requires honest self-awareness, and a willingness to reconsider established ways of thinking, doing and being. Other than this there are no prerequisites to either session, and beginners are welcome and will be fully supported.

July 21-29, Inner and Outer Nature: Silent Meditation Retreat, Includes:

·      Guidance and instruction for meditation in nature (both sitting and walking)

·      Sitting and walking in beautiful wild setting

·      Free time for meditation or rest

·      Evening campfire Dharma talks

·      One on ones with the teachers

·      Two night solo, can be close by, or optional vehicle transport to wilderness boundary and adjacent backcountry solo sites

·      Delicious vegetarian meals

·      Your choice of lodging: single room, shared room, dorm, tent site


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