The Jhanas and Insight

Wednesday, Oct 31 to Friday, Nov 9 (9 nights)


$670-$1,030 sliding scale. The estimated actual per-person cost is $815. By selecting a rate above this level, your generosity supports those who need to select a lower rate to attend. A non-refundable deposit of $250 is required with registration.
Please note this does not include dana.

The jhanas are eight progressive altered states of consciousness that can be identified with the aspect of the Buddha’s Eightfold Path called right concentration. Training in concentration leads to these states, each of which yields a deeper and subtler state of awareness than the previous one. The jhanas are not in themselves awakening, but they are a skillful means for stilling the mind in a way that leads in that direction, and they are attainable by anyone who devotes the time and sincerity of practice necessary to realize them. Jhana practice is helpful for gaining the deep insights necessary for ending personal suffering.The jhanas are an advanced topic in Buddhist meditation. Learning the jhanas comes more easily for those who have previously attended at least two one-week or longer silent meditation retreats and have a daily meditation practice of 45 minutes or more.


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