Liberating the Mind and Heart - A Retreat Developing Compassion & Joy

Monday, Sep 17 to Sunday, Sep 23 (6 nights)


LOVING KINDNESS is a profound quality of friendliness toward all of life. Compassion is a deep commitment to non-harming. Joy highlights the blessings. Equanimity sees the truth with a balanced mind. This ancient practice called Brahma Vihara practice cultivates a heartful wish that all beings be well. It uproots tendencies toward ill will, harming, competitive discontent, and craving. It is a practice of happiness that heals the heart, meets the pains of life with sensitivity, and strengthens the inner serenity that is essential for concentration. The Brahma Viharas can lead to the absorption states of jhana, and to what the ancient Buddhist texts describe as a vast, exhaulted, and “immeasurable liberation of the mind.”


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