Under the Bodhi Tree: Weathering the Onslaughts of Maras

Friday, Nov 3 to Friday, Nov 10 (7 nights)


Seven nights: $650-950. Three nights: $305-$525
Please note this does not include dana.
(775) 790-4161

On an earth-shaking full moon night in May, according to Buddhist tradition, the Great Awakening occurred under the Bodhi Tree. A number of Dhammas came to fruition, including the bodhisatta’s cultivation of mindfulness with breathing, deep inquiry into the nature of dukkha, and the realization of dependent co-arising, which culminated in full release from clinging to “me” and “mine. On this retreat we will celebrate the insights and practices mentioned above and will also consider how to apply them to the storms and challenges that tempt us in our lives. How can we weather life’s storms and use them as opportunities for awakening in the footsteps of Buddha? We will draw on the dependent co-arising teachings in Santikaro’s new translation, Under the Bodhi Tree (available in May). Noble silence, walking meditation, practice interviews, and other practices will supplement the above major themes.


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