Vipassana Meditation: A Doorway In -- A Retreat for New Students

Friday, Jun 8 to Sunday, Jun 10 (2 nights)


This retreat is offered on a tiered scale: $200 -$250
Please note this does not include dana.
360-274-4859 or Toll Free 1-888-465-9118


Vipassana, or Insight Meditation, is the art of coming to know the body and heart directly and deeply. In this process, we can discover joy, healing and an ever-growing wisdom and compassion.

This 2-day retreat will focus on the fundamentals of vipassana meditation. The meditation practice will be placed in the context of the broader Buddhist path, which moves our lives in the direction of a deepening sense of happiness, ease and fulfillment.

The retreat is designed primarily for those new to meditation or retreat practice. Guidance will be given through daily instructions, Dhamma talks, q&a sessions and small group discussions. The days will include periods of sitting, standing and walking meditation and will be held mostly in silence.

All are welcome to come learn, explore and be in the restfulness and quiet of the weekend.


NOTE: The retreats listed here have been entered by the retreat organizers. For any questions, use the contact information listed on the retreat page. Please do not contact the Buddhist Insight Network.