Wise Speech Retreat: Waking Up Together

Monday, Oct 1 to Sunday, Oct 7 (6 nights)

Sliding Scale: $540-$840
Please note this does not include dana.

We recommend some experience with mindfulness practice.


with Donald Rothberg and Oren Jay Sofer

• Deepen insight and self-understanding
• Train the heart to find balance when challenged
• Learn practical tools to navigate differences

The path of practice taught by the Buddha is meant to transform our actions, speech, thinking and relationships. How can we use our relationships to grow in awareness and compassion? How do we put these teachings into practice to make conversations and connections – both personal and professional – more meaningful?

In this retreat, we will explore the how to bring more mindfulness and care to our communication as vehicle for awakening. The tools shared will draw from the meditative practices of the Buddhist tradition, innovative relational awareness exercises, and the contemporary discipline of Nonviolent Communication (NVC). Collectively, these practices form a powerful foundation for cultivating insight, awareness and empathy; develop our capacity to listen and speak from the heart; and strengthen our ability to stay present and be more skillful in challenging situations.

This retreat will include periods of silent meditation and interactive speech practices. They are designed for those who want to bring more attention to speech as a spiritual practice, for those who have emphasized communication and want further grounding in meditation, and for those who are helping professionals. The tools offered will directly enhance the work of psychologists, therapists, school teachers, chaplains, nurses and other helping professionals. NVC will be taught at a basic level; reading Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication before the retreat is strongly recommended.


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