Jaya Rudgard

   Mindfulness has been part of my life since I discovered Buddhism as a teenager.  I left a career as a city solicitor to spend nine years living as a Buddhist nun under the guidance of Ajahn Sumedho and the Thai Forest Tradition, where mindfulness was the cornerstone of our daily practice. After returning to lay life in 2005 I gained a Postgraduate Diploma in psychotherapy and counseling, working with clients in a variety of settings, whilst helping to run a busy health food store. I am currently training with Jack Kornfield and others in the teacher-training program run by Spirit Rock and the Insight Meditation Society in the USA.

   I believe wholeheartedly that mindfulness is an invaluable resource for people leading active and busy lifestyles and am interested in finding ways to integrate mindfulness into day to day life in a secular world.  I have trained in teaching mindfulness with the Centre for Mindfulness research and practice at Bangor University and am supervised by a senior teacher there.

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