Sangha Listing

Welcome to BIN’s searchable database of Insight Meditation sanghas. We aim to include all current Insight Meditation sanghas in the West.

What is an Insight Meditation sangha? This does not have a sharp definition, but neither is it vague or undefined. The Insight Meditation Movement in the West was started by Westerners who trained at Theravada monasteries in Southeast Asia – these founding teachers include Joseph Goldstein, Jack Kornfield, Sharon Salzberg, Christina Feldman, Christopher Titmuss, and Ruth Denison. Insight sanghas feel a spiritual connection to these teachers and the meditation centers they founded: Insight Meditation Society, Spirit Rock, Gaia House, and Dhamma Dena. Teachers and Insight groups who are not directly connected to these four centers are welcome to be listed in the BIN database provided they primarily teach and/or practice meditation in ways that are in harmony with these organizations. Essentially, the groups listed here would characterize themselves by both the words "Buddhist" and "Insight," and offer practices that include meditation and Dharma instruction.

In addition, we list groups taught by monastics ordained in the Theravada tradition, where laypeople can hear the Dharma, learn to meditate, and connect with the texts of the Pali Canon.

Because of requests we’ve received, we have added this clarification: This listing is not for yoga centers or secular mindfulness organizations, unless your location is also the meeting place for an Insight Dharma group, and your website lists such Dharma events explicitly. Thanks for your understanding.

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City State / Province Country
Mountain Stream Meditation Nevada City CA United States
Napa Valley Insight Meditation Napa CA United States
New Haven Insight New Haven CT United States
New Orleans Insight Meditation Group New Orleans LA United States
New York City Community Meditation Center New York NY United States
New York Insight Meditation Center New York NY United States
New Zealand Insight Meditation Communities New Zealand
Nirodha Helsinki Finland
North Fork of Long Island [NOFOLI] Insight Meditation Sangha Cutchogue NY United States
North Fork Sangha Paonia CO United States
North Hollywood Meditation Sangha North Hollywood CA United States
Oklahoma Buddhist Vihara Oklahoma city OK United States
Open Door Sangha Santa Barbara CA United States
Open Embrace Meditation San Rafael CA United States
Original Nature Meditation Centre Wellington New Zealand
Orlando Insight Meditation Group Winter Park FL United States
Orlando Thursday Night Meditation Group Orlando FL United States
Ottawa Buddhist Society Ottawa ON Canada
People of Color and Allies Sangha - Seattle Seattle WA United States
Philadelphia Meditation Center Philadelphia PA United States
Philippine Insight Meditation Community Manila Philippines
PHXvipassana Phoenix AZ United States
Port Townsend Sangha Port Townsend WA United States
Portland Friends of the Dhamma Portland OR United States
Portland Insight Meditation Community Portland OR United States