Here is the future home of a vast archive of information useful for the Insight Meditation movement. Our newest offering is the Insight Sangha database, a way to locate and learn about Insight sanghas all over the West.

We also offer an informational guide on multicultural programs in Insight sanghas: Multiculturalism in Insight Meditation Sanghas: An Information Guide from the Buddhist Insight Network.

Later we will include sections with resources in the following areas – and more:

  • Teaching the Dharma:
    • Curricula and study guides for Intro courses, specialized classes, sutta study, and other teachings
    • Offering teachings to underrepresented populations
  • Creating and developing a sangha:
    • Organizational structure and governance
    • Finding a physical space
    • Obtaining 501c3 status
    • Managing volunteers
    • Inclusivity
  • Academic programs, class listings and other study resources
  • Spiritual care and compassionate action resources for Buddhist chaplains and others
  • Comprehensive listing of retreats, Insight groups, and various types of archival information