Earth Day event at Spirit Rock - April 20

Dear Friends,

We want to encourage you to attend Spirit Rock's Earth Day event "Loving the Earth: Awareness, Action and Celebration" at Spirit Rock, April 20th with Jack Kornfield, Ayyas Anandabodhi, Santacitta and Santussika, James Baraz, Wes Nisker, Jennifer Berezan, David Loy, Donald Rothberg, Margarita Loinaz, Kevin Griffin and Teja Bell. 

This will be a day to focus your practice into compassion for the Earth and inspire turning despair into wise response. Check it out.

Spirit Rock is inviting all sanghas to bring materials to share regarding any events and activities that connect with the Earth Day event. If you can't come and want to send materials to display, please contact Kerry at They will have a table available for sharing your activities. 

Whether or not you go, perhaps you can harness some efforts within your community to engage together around this issue.