"Waking Up, Alive" now available as an e-book

Richard Heckler is a longtime Insight practitioner as well as a psychologist. He published a remarkable book: Waking Up, Alive: The Descent into Suicide, The Attempt, and the Return to Life that has been used by Dharma teachers to help students and is also of general  interest to people investigating this deep form of dukkha.

The book offers an unprecedented look into the heart and mind of someone who contemplates suicide. Waking Up, Alive was the first research to chronicle the actual steps and stages of how people, who hovered at death’s door by their own hand, began the process of true recovery, so that they could eventually lead lives that were happy, creative, and rich, both in relationship and in contributing to the greater good. The book was published by Putnam (hardcover) and Ballentine (soft), and an audio adaptation (read by me) was produced by the noted spiritual multimedia company, Sounds True.

Now the book is being re-issued as an e-book.

In Richard's words, "I would like the book to reach as many people as possible - individuals and families who are suffering, mental health and medical professionals, community leaders, people in education, science, technology and the arts. And because Waking Up, Alive will be sold solely as an e-book we are, quite literally, one click away from impacting lives for the better."

Please check it out if you are interested. There is more information at http://richardahecklerphd.com/.