Resources for the Buddhist approach to caring for the environment

The subject of Environmental Dharma offers rich potential for conveying key Dharma teachings that are accessible and practical for laypeople. The offerings below may be useful for incorporating teachings on nature and environmental care into classes, workshops, discussions, and Dharma talks.

  1. One Earth Sangha is gathering Dharma offerings that explore how Buddhist teachings speak to climate change and our relationship to the Earth. Although still early-stage, some articles are already offered on the site and additional Environmental Dharma may be offered here. One Earth Sangha spans many Buddhist traditions, not only Insight. Please keep up with their website for more.
  2. Caring for the Earth as Buddhist Practice by Gil Fronsdal offers some guidelines for understanding environmental care through a Buddhist lens.
  3. James Baraz published an article in the Huffington Post about the Buddhist Response to Climate Change. It offers a top-level view of the issue and includes ways to offer a wise response to a challenging situation.
  4. The Ecological Self is a concept developed by Joanna Macy. For a teacher with some experience, this idea can be related to letting go of our smaller self that is only concerned with its survival and the protection of immediate family/community.

It was interesting to gather this list because we have found relatively few specific resources: actionable teachings on compassion, generosity, and mindfulness that take an environmental theme. The articles seem to be quite general and top-level (although the Dharma Talks are specific). Please let us know of other resources -- we prefer items coming from Insight teachers intended for groups practicing in this tradition. Thank you!