The Buddhist Insight Network  links Insight Meditation sanghas. “Insight” does not have a sharp definition, but neither is it vague or undefined. The Insight Meditation Movement in the West was started by Westerners who trained at Theravada monasteries in Southeast Asia – these founding teachers include Joseph Goldstein, Jack Kornfield, Sharon Salzberg, Christina Feldman, Christopher Titmuss, and Ruth Denison. Insight sanghas feel a spiritual connection to these teachers and the meditation centers they founded: Insight Meditation Society, Spirit Rock, Gaia House, and Dhamma Dena. Teachers and Insight groups who are not directly connected to these four centers are welcome – and encouraged – to be part of BIN provided they primarily teach and/or practice in ways that are in harmony with these organizations. Essentially, the groups in BIN would characterize themselves by both the words "Buddhist" and "Insight," and are especially interested in connecting with people who seek this type of teaching and practice.

The following groups are examples of Insight sanghas. Please also see the Insight Sangha Database for details on many of them.

Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Center
Albuquerque Vipassana Sangha
Bellingham Insight Meditation Society
Bloom of the Present
Boulder Insight
Bristol Insight Meditation Group
British Columbia Insight Meditation Society
Buddhist Recovery Network
Cambridge Insight Meditation Center
Cholula Vipassana Sangha
Coastside Vipassana Sangha
Common Ground Meditation Center
Community Meditation Center
Davis Sangha
Dharma Punx
Dharma Seed
Dharma Zephyr Insight Meditation Community
Durango Sangha
East Bay Meditation Center
Easton Meditation Group
Ekoji Vipassana Group
Elgin Area Insight Meditation
Eno River Buddhist Community
Flowering Lotus Meditation and Retreat Center
Fort Wayne Dharma
Gainesville Vipassana Society
Heart of the Lotus
Inquiring Mind
Insight Chicago
Insight Meditation Center
Insight Meditation Center of Newburyport
Insight Meditation Center of Pioneer Valley
Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley
Insight Meditation Community of Charlottesville
Insight Meditation Community of Chestertown
Insight Meditation Community of Colorado
Insight Meditation Community of Georgia
Insight Meditation Community of Washington
Insight Meditation Dublin
Insight Meditation Houston
Insight Meditation in Modesto
Insight Meditation San Antonio
Insight Meditation Santa Barbara
Insight Meditation Society
Insight Meditation South Bay
Insight Meditation Tucson
Insight Santa Cruz
London Insight
Long Beach Meditation
Lotus Sisters
Louisville Vipassana Community
Madison Insight Meditation Group
Marin Sangha
Mariposa Sangha
Maui Sangha
Metta Dharma Foundation
Metta Programs
Mid-America Dharma
Mission Dharma
Moab Sangha
Mountain Stream Meditation Center
New York Insight
Open Door Sangha
People of Color and Allies Sangha (Seattle)
Philadelphia Meditation Center
Port Townsend Sangha
Portland Friends of the Dhamma
Portland Insight Meditation Community
Regina Insight Meditation Community
Rocky Mountain Insight
Sacramento Buddhist Meditation Group
Sacramento Insight Meditation
Salt Spring Vipassana
San Francisco Insight Meditation Community
San Miguel sangha
Sandy Springs Insight
Sati Institute for Theravada Buddhist Studies
Seattle Insight Meditation Society
Show Me Dharma
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
St. Louis Insight Meditation
Taos Mountain Sangha
The Mountain Hermitage
Toledo Insight Meditation Center
Triangle Insight
True North Insight
Urban Dharma
UW Mindfulness Sangha
Vallecitos Mountain Refuge
Vermont Insight Meditation Center
Victoria Insight Meditation Society
Vipassana Oaxaca
West Wind Sangha
Westchester Insight Meditation Community
Westcoast Dharma Society