A gathering of leaders from Insight Meditation centers and groups
to cultivate the seed of Insight in the West

The InterSangha meeting began in 2009 as a gathering for leaders from California groups, but quickly expanded to include all of North America in 2010. Now the meeting is organized by the Buddhist Insight Network and regularly attracts 60 or more leaders from several dozen groups.

The overarching purpose is to create community and generate collective wisdom around developing our Insight sanghas and the Insight Meditation Movement as a whole. Through these meetings, we are forming a network of support – a "sangha of sanghas." 

Participants have the opportunity to:

  • Practice and share dialogue with other leaders in the Insight Meditation Movement
  • Learn what other groups around North America, and beyond, are doing
  • Share what their own group is doing
  • Gain practical tools to serve their communities
  • Meet people, make friends, and find inspiration
  • Help envision the emerging role of the Insight Community in wider society

InterSangha occurs in a field of generosity. The meeting is offered freely. A volunteer cooking team supplies meals each day, and attendees themselves wash dishes and help clean the center. All of this group effort makes for a stronger sense of community, allowing our work together to unfold beautifully. Please see also the pages for individual meetings: