14 Day Karuna and Vipassana Summer Retreat

Saturday, Aug 10 to Saturday, Aug 24 (14 nights)

1068 Euro
Please note this does not include dana.
+41 (0)33 841 21 31

For those who attend only the 7-day vipassana course, 1-week silent vipassana retreat experience is required.

This silent retreat consists of one week of karuna (compassion) meditation and one week of vipassana (insight) meditation. In the first part of the retreat we cultivate inner collectedness through the formal practice of compassion. In the second part we develop the continuity of mindfulness as a foundation of liberating insight. In this we attempt refining the quality of careful, open awareness as a way of deepening liberating wisdom, love, compassion and joy within us. Suitable for both new and experienced meditators who are interested and willing to fully commit to the retreat format and the daily schedule. It is possible to participate in the first week only. Attendance from the very beginning to the actual closure of the retreat is mandatory for all participants. Silent retreat. No electronic communication media permitted.


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