Ascension: 4 Day Insight Meditation Retreat

Wednesday, May 29 to Sunday, Jun 2 (4 nights)

295 Euro
Please note this does not include dana.
+41 (0)33 841 21 31

During this retreat we will deepen our understanding of insight practice, developing mindfulness of the mind and the body, contemplating their aspects and exploring their qualities in each moment. As wisdom unfolds, the nature of experience will reveal itself enabling an inner transformation. The retreat will allow us to trust in what lies beneath the surface of habitual tendencies, gently opening and relaxing the heart through the cultivation of loving kindness. This silent retreat will offer instructions, private interviews and dharma talks.


NOTE: The retreats listed here have been entered by the retreat organizers. For any questions, use the contact information listed on the retreat page. Please do not contact the Buddhist Insight Network.