Innate Strength & Wholeness

Friday, Aug 9 to Sunday, Aug 11 (2 nights)


Please note this does not include dana.


Finding wholeness and healing are essential parts of any spiritual path. The Buddhist tradition teaches the Brahma Viharas, a set of practices for strengthening four positive mind states: kindness, compassion, joy and balance. These energies can be cultivated as a source of resilience, a vehicle for concentration and a support for insight. 

In this three-day nonresidential retreat, we will explore a range of meditative techniques for developing the four Brahma Viharas, and for releasing the obstacles to well-being. Our time together will include instructions, silent and guided sitting meditation, walking meditation, Dharma talks, and question and answer sessions with the teacher. 

This retreat is appropriate for both beginning and more experienced meditators. 


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