Into The Silent Land Retreat

Friday, Mar 15 to Sunday, Mar 17 (2 nights)

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Tuition $200. Accommodation range: $290-$400
Please note this does not include dana.

In this weekend retreat, we will use mindfulness meditation, awareness and deep compassion practices to enter the "silent landIn this weekend retreat we will use mindfulness meditation, awareness, and deep compassion practices to enter the "silent land".    Moment to moment and field awareness as well as connecting to our heart can be a gateway to psycho-spiritual connection so we can replenish and bring ourselves back into service. Retreat will allow us to find an inner refuge so we can engage with our world again.

Deepen your practice in beautiful Santa Barbara... 
Join MHP's founding teacher Radhule Weininger for this intimate weekend retreat at the beautiful and serene Mount Calvary Monastery and Guest House. Time in retreat allows us to step out of the complexity of our life, to listen deeply to our body, heart, and mind. A retreat provides an opportunity and a caring container deepening our meditation practice. The mindfulness practice on retreats is often accompanied and complemented by training in loving-kindness meditation.
Most of the retreat is held in silence, with periods of sitting and walking meditation There are teaching talks, guided meditations, time for questions and answers and meetings with a teacher. Retreatants are encouraged to practice mindfulness in a continuous way, staying with their own present experience as it unfolds, moment to moment. In this silent and mindful environment, awareness sharpens, the body quiets, the mind clears, and space opens for insight and understanding to develop. By cultivating the power of awareness, clarity, and kindness, we discover our path to inner freedom and a peaceful heart deeper, for the benefit or our relationship to ourselves, our community and our wider world.
 8 Continuing Education hours are provided for psychologists, registered nurses, MFT’s and LCSW’s.  The cost is $50.  Credit is awarded for instructional time only and does not include extended silent sitting or walking meditation, meals, yoga, breaks, or work periods. 


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