Embracing Simplicity Nashville

Embracing Simplicity Nashville
Sundays, 6:30-8:00PM
100 Taylor Street B-8
Nashville, TN 37208
United States

Type of Teacher: 

Guiding teacher(s) is a retreat teacher

Teacher/s Name/s: 

Acharya Passatininna (Christie Bates) Theravada lay minister

Sangha Offerings: 

Sitting groups
Non-residential retreats (daylong)
Residential retreats (longer than 1 day)
Sutta study or other Buddhist study
Secular mindfulness classes
Buddhist chaplaincy services/training

Sangha Contact Name: 

Christie Bates (Passatininna)

Sangha Contact Email: 

Contact Phone Number: 

(615) 802-7287

Sangha Description: 

Open to all who wish to develop their mindfulness practice and even to recover from the suffering (mental anguish) caused by delusions of self. Generally, the first half hour is guided meditation practice, followed by a Dharma talk with plenty of time for response and discussion. Both chairs and cushions are available on location.

Our teacher is a Dharmacharya/Lay minister ordained by Venerables Pannavati and Pannadipa into the Embracing Simplicity Contemplative Order at Heartwood Refuge and Retreat Center, NC. This group is also supported by the participation of other Dharmacharyas in training.