Gaia House

Gaia House
West Ogwell, Newton Abbot
TQ12 6EW
United Kingdom

Type of Teacher: 

Guiding teacher(s) is a retreat teacher

Teacher/s Name/s: 

Christina Feldman, Stephen Batchelor, Martine Batchelor, John Peacock, Yanai Postelnik etc

Sangha Offerings: 

Residential retreats (longer than 1 day)
Sutta study or other Buddhist study
Teacher/mentor training
Web-based resources (MP3s, readings, etc)

Sangha Contact Email: 

Contact Phone Number: 

+44 (0)1626 333613

Sangha Description: 

Set in the peaceful beauty of the South Devon countryside, Gaia House – a retreat centre since the 1930s – offers silent meditation retreats from various Buddhist traditions, led by experienced Dharma teachers from all over the world.

Visitors to Gaia House find themselves supported in a nourishing atmosphere of silence, rural tranquillity, simplicity of lifestyle, sensitivity to the needs of others, and a commitment to ethical behaviour, compassion, loving-kindness and generosity.

Spending time together in meditation and silence is a very powerful way to support the deepening of calm and insight. Silence fosters a sense of safety and refuge, even among people we do not yet know. Through letting go of the familiar world of words we give ourselves space from the complexity of personal interaction, and can come to see our mind and its activity more clearly.

Insight into the way things are arises through experiencing life directly, rather than through language and concepts. This direct seeing is the foundation for inner peace, wisdom and compassion.