Insight Meditation South Bay

Insight Meditation South Bay
2094 Grant Rd.
Mountain View, CA
United States

Type of Teacher: 

Guiding teacher(s) is a retreat teacher

Teacher/s Name/s: 

Shaila Catherine

Sangha Offerings: 

Sitting groups
Non-residential retreats (daylong)
Residential retreats (longer than 1 day)
Sutta study or other Buddhist study
Online Dharma or meditation courses
Socially engaged Buddhism/community service
Web-based resources (MP3s, readings, etc)

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Sangha Description: 

Insight Meditation South Bay (IMSB) offers mindfulness-based meditation practices to awaken heart and mind, and to support the development of ethical living (sila), meditation (samadhi), and wisdom (panna). We teach skills for developing mindfulness, loving-kindness and compassion, concentration, practical daily life wisdom, and the deep meditative absorptions called jhanas.

IMSB is a religious non-profit corporation, dedicated to the liberating teachings of the Buddha. Shaila Catherine founded IMSB in January 2006 to support meditation practice in the Silicon Valley and South Bay area of California.

IMSB and our teachers are dedicated to the Buddhist practice of Dana and generosity. Our activities rely upon the generosity of our community in gift or effort.