Insight Meditation Ventura

Insight Meditation Ventura
Ventura, CA
United States

Type of Teacher: 

Led by Community or CDL-trained teacher

Teacher/s Name/s: 

Susan Pembroke

Sangha Offerings: 

Sitting groups
Non-residential retreats (daylong)
Residential retreats (longer than 1 day)

Sangha Contact Email: 

Sangha Description: 

Insight meditation Ventura meets every Monday night
at 7:00pm for a 30-minute silent meditation,
followed by a dharma reading and discussion.

Our meeting place is the First United Methodist Church,
1338 Santa Clara Street, in Midtown Ventura.
Cross the courtyard to Wesley Hall,
then up to the second floor (a chairlift if available).

Our large day-lit room seats about two dozen people,
with room for chair or floor sitting.

We emphasize mindfullness practice for
physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

All are welcome.